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How to get the perfect hairstyles for festive season 2022-2023

How to get the perfect hairstyles for festive season 2022-2023

Oct 15, 2022


Festive season 2022 has kicked off and you are planning to make festivals as glamorous as you can. You have chosen your dresses, footwear, accessories and makeup. But what about your hairstyles? No worries! Hair Gennie has got you covered. When it comes to hairstyles for festivals or any special events, hair extensions are the women’s best friend. Whether you lack length, volume or simply want to add some oomph to your monotonous hairstyle, hair extensions are your secret saviour.

So, if your hair is one thing that you don’t want to bother about during the festive season, this blog is for you. Here are the top 3 hair extensions options to elevate your festive hairstyle. 

1. Clip-in Volumizer


Clip in hair extensions can form the best hairstyles for women who don’t want to use them permanently but looking for a quick transformation. Clip-ins add instant volume and length to any type of hair with minimal effort. Just clip in to wear and clip out to remove.

These clip-in volumisers are made of 100% natural human hair, so they easily hold up through temperature changes whether you chill out with your buddies or get sweaty on the dance floor.

The best part is you can choose between 6 clip ear-to-ear Volumizer, 4 clip ear-to-ear Volumizer and 7 pieces set to accentuate your specific hairstyle. Each piece comes with pressure-sensitive clips for a secure hold all day long.

Try clip in volumizer for a beautiful hairstyle for Diwali, Christmas Night, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day or any special day in your life.

2. Hair Colour Streaks:

Hair colour streaks

Add some hue and glam to the festive vibe with our hair colour streaks.

These low-commitment hair extensions can be styled the way you want. These colour streaks are easy to use and work with all types of festival dresses.

Style it with your jewelled bun, double-sided French braid or simply leave your hair loose for a more glamorous and polished look.

No need to damage your natural hair with chemical-based hair colour, simply use hair colour streaks for the more colourful you.

What’s more? Since it's affordable, you can mix and match them with your festival outfits and accessories.


3. Side Patch Pair:

Side patch pair

Last minutes party plans? No time to get ready for Christmas night? Thin hair prevents you try your favourite hairstyle? No worries, use our side patch pair hair extensions and style your hair the way you want in minutes.

Let your hair leave loose, do side braids, and try puff hairdos; options are endless. We have a variety of side patch pair extensions varying in terms of colours, lengths and volumes that make you shine like a star at the party night.

This quick hair patch not just brings some glam quotient to your hair but also changes your hair look in minutes. 

So, if you are looking for a quick and mess-free hairstyling option to add instant volume around the ears, Hair Gennie’s side patch pair is for you. We swear, your festival hairstyle is not going anywhere with our side-patch hair extensions.


Which hair extensions will best suit my festive needs?

Honestly telling, it is all up to you what hairstyles for festivals you want to get. If an instant hair look has been your festive mood, add side patch extensions around the ears to create a sophisticated hairdo. If a half-up, half-down hairstyle is your festive vibe, pull back the front hair section and add hair colour streaks to the loose hairstyle. If you want to get a complete hair transformation for the full festive glam, nothing should check you from picking our 7 pieces set.

Since all our hair extensions are made of 100% natural human hair, they are heat friendly and hold any hairstyle you want. In simple words, you can further style your extensions with a curling iron or straightener for a seamless blend. Just wear them right and they will hold any hairstyle for the entire day. You are good to go from the morning ceremony to the evening celebration and to the end of night dance fest without worrying about adjustments.

Set your hair trend now!

Why settle for the same stereotyped hairstyles for festivals when you can go limitless? This is exactly what hair extensions by Hair Gennie offer. You can even try two or more of the extensions together for a full glam look, depending on the hairstyles you are dreaming to achieve.

Aren’t you sure what hairstyle to try this festive season?  Try hair extensions by Hair Gennie and say goodbye to all your hair woes!


What do I need to consider when buying hair Extensions online?

When buying hair extensions online, make sure to do your research on the below criteria:

  1. Do the company provide hair extensions installation service?
  2. Do they support you after your purchase?
  3. Are the pictures they show on the handles their photos?

        These are a few of the most crucial signs of a good hair extension provider.

        How do I make my extensions look natural? 

        When buying extensions online, you should always make sure that how perfectly it will blend with your natural hair. Therefore, always buy hair extensions from a company that provides demo services and customized hair extensions. It is the best way to find the perfect match for your hair. Sometimes, what you think will suit you the best, doesn’t look good on you after wearing it. So, it’s best that you try before you buy. In case, nothing suits your taste, you can go for customized orders.

        How do you style short hair for a festival?

        If short hair prevents you try your favourite hairstyles, you can use hair extensions to add inches to your hair. Just buy any type of hair extensions you like the most at your preferred length and go limitless to try multiple hairstyles for festive season. Curl it, straighten it or even cut it; your extensions, your command!


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