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Made of 100% natural hair, these Nano Tip Hair Extensions have an aluminium wire that fits into the nanorings (the smallest rings available). The Nano rings thread onto the hair, then the Nano Tip Extensions are added and the ring is firmly clamped for a secure fit. These extensions are considered the most discreet hair extensions.


1. 100% natural human hair.

2. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

3. Nano-sized rings used for installation.

4. Cold Installation method.

5. Soft, smooth and natural look.

6. Adds instant colour, length and volume.

7. Blends perfectly with your natural hair.


Natural straight, natural wavy or get it customised the way you want.


1 gram per strand


1. Wash your hair extensions not more than twice a week. Don’t overwash them.

2. For the utmost care of your hair extensions, use the suggested shampoo, conditioner and serum only.

3. Don't wrap a towel for so long to the wet hair as the moisture can damage the permanent hair extensions.

4. Don't vigorously wipe or pull your hair as it can result in damaging the extensions.

5. For brushing your hair, use a loop brush only.

6. Let your extensions dry naturally. Limit using heat-styling equipment.

7. Try to tie your hair in a ponytail or bun when exercising to avoid sweating and tangling.

8. Keep the extensions away from the high temperature when curling or straightening them.

9. Don't apply Henna to your micro hair extensions.

10. Make sure to keep your heat-styling tools a little away from the extension tip when using a heat-styling tool.


1. Best for people with thick hair.
2. Go for 75 to 125 strands to get the desired hair look.
3. Add style to your overall look with these hair extensions.
4. Cut it, Curl it and Colour it, choices are endless and so as your hairstyles.