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Want to colour your hair but worried about the damage done to your hair due to chemical and thermal treatment? No worries now! Try our hair colour streaks to add some vibrant colour to your hair. There is no better and easier way to get the desired hair look without damaging your natural hair than to use our single clip hair colour streaks.
Straight, curls, red, blue, burgundy and brown or even customised, options are endless. Just get it and go on.


1. 100% natural human hair.
2. Premium quality clip-ins.
3. Cold Installation method.
4. Quick and easy to use.
5. No tangles.
6. Soft, smooth and vibrant look.
7. Adds instant colour.


Natural straight, natural wavy or get it customised the way you want.


5 grams approx


1. Don’t wash the extensions as often as you wash your own hair. Twice a week is good to go with.
2. For the utmost care of your hair extensions, use the suggested shampoo, conditioner and serum only.
3. Don't apply Henna to your hair extensions.
4. Don't vigorously wipe or pull your hair as it can result in damaging the extensions.
5. For brushing your hair, use a loop brush only.
6. Let your extensions dry naturally. Limit using heat-styling equipment.
7. Keep the extensions away from the high temperature when curling or straightening them.


1. Good to use on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, college parties, etc.
2. You can use it casually too.
3. Highly valuable for people with low hair volume and mimic a good hair look.
4. Cut it, Curl it and Colour it, choices are endless and so as your hairstyles.